Deliver Clean-Label, Consumer-Accepted, Taste-First Food & Beverage Products
for a Low & No Sugar World

With 71% of consumers reading the sugar content on ingredient labels and 56% of consumers consuming less sugar than they did a year ago, there is mounting pressure on food & beverage brands to reformulate their products to meet growing consumer demands for natural, clean-label, better-for-you products, that don’t compromise on taste. Accompanied with the launch of various sugar taxes, voluntary sugar reduction targets and advertising restrictions, R&D teams & formulators alike are turning their attention to exploring novel technologies and designing clean-label sugar alternatives that provide sweetness but also functional benefits.

What You Will Learn

  • Assess changing consumer priorities and effectively integrate a low and no sugar strategy into your R&D strategy, while communicating this with the consumer
  • Discover the latest advancements in next-generation sugar processing technologies including physical, chemical, enzymatic and microbial methods to reduce the sugar content of food & beverage products
  • Overcome formulation & manufacturing challenges when reducing and replacing sugar including taste, function, stability and caloric density
  • Understand the future implications in regulation, labeling, and claims

Who You Will Network With

Independent Food & Beverage Brands

Multinational Food & Beverage Companies

Private Label Food & Beverage Brands

Biotechnology Companies

Food Technology Start-ups

Academics & Research Institutions

Consumer Trend Analysts

Ingredient Suppliers

Flavour & Fragrance Manufactures


CRO’s, CMO’s & Formulation Consultants

Regulatory Bodies


Incubators & Accelerators

World-Class Speaker Faculty

Julie Anne Grover

Principal Scientist, Technology Platforms

The Kraft Heinz Co.

Ilan Samish

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Amai Proteins

Kristoffer Quiaoit

CEO & Co-Founder

Nui Foods

David Tsivion



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