About Event

REFORMULATE: Advancing Sugar Reduction Technologies will connect R&D decision-makers across food & beverage to explore next-generation, natural sugar reduction enabling technologies and ingredients. The goal will be to provide actionable insights and approaches to the community to successfully reformulate clean-label, consumer accepted, taste-first, better-for-you, low and no sugar food and beverage products. This event will explore future trends, changing consumer priorities alongside technical, formulation and manufacturing considerations to inform the future of your sugar reduction R&D beyond the use of traditional sweeteners.

Whether you have a product in the market to reformulate or are looking to launch into the growing low and no sugar, better-for-you market, this meeting will equip you with the information and partnerships to succeed.





With the advent of novel ingredients, the emergence of new technologies and changing consumer demands around what they expect from their food, beverage, supplement and beauty products, there is mounting pressure for the FMCG industry to reformulate their products to successfully engage their consumer and maintain market share. Accompanied by the rise of direct to consumer challenger brands, multinational and independent brands alike are looking for opportunities to innovate and differentiate their products. REFORMULATE brings together C-Level executives and R&D directors in a series of bespoke and dedicated events, which each focus on key areas in which reformulation is critical for success. From better-for-you food & beverage to clean-label supplements, REFORMULATE is the go-to brand to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities and provide the insights needed to positively align your products with future consumer purchasing patterns.