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SweeGen specializes in next-generation stevia-based sweeteners. Our Bestevia® sweeteners are GMO-free and non-caloric with a delicious sweet taste. It is possible to reduce sugar at much higher concentrations than before without sacrificing taste which is what the health-conscious consumer wants -- less sugar, less calories, and great taste. After many years of research and development, our innovative team has come up with a nature-derived production process that combines nature with modern fermentation, supports farmers and at the same time is sustainable. Our products have been confirmed safe for use in food products by the FDA (Generally Recognized as Safe) and certified as Non-GMO and can be used in different food and beverage products. This enables you to reduce the amount of sugar you ingest in your favorite foods and beverages. Learn more about SweeGen’s BESTEVIA® at www.sweegen.com

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NewTree Fruit Company has developed a proprietary process that naturally removes 95% of the fructose, glucose, and sucrose from traditional fruit juice while maintaining its nutrient density. Headquartered in Michigan, NewTree’s culturing method is patented in the USA, EU, Japan, and Canada, and is patent-pending in China and India. Our turnkey facility can currently deliver De-Sugared™ versions of all juice types and is available in liquid, dry, or crystal form. To learn more visit www.newtreefruit.com

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Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, offers solutions that nourish lives all over the world. We bring to the table our strong food heritage, coupled with 40+ years of experience, global insights and market knowledge, culinary and applications expertise as well as our unique solutions to anticipate and address our customers’ needs. Kerry excels in taste modulation and sugar reduction, so our customers can maintain the taste consumers love while delivering products with less sugar. To learn more visit www.kerry.com

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Established in 1995, Lycored is a global leader in all-natural, lycopene-based color and taste-enhancing ingredients for clean-label food and beverage.

In terms of sugar reformulation opportunities, SANTE is a naturally sourced flavor enhancer (from tomato) that adds umami taste effect, offering many possibilities for great-tasting recipes allowing simultaneous reduction of salt and sugar while potentiating taste and deliciousness in recipe with a foodstuff label declaration. To learn more visit www.Lycored.com